Sunday, November 2, 2008


I just love Halloween!! I wasn't going to dress up, but how can you not dress up on Halloween? My good friend Rachel gave me the idea of being a cat! I'm not a fan of cats, but it sounded like a great idea! So here we are as kitty cats!  
Here is Angie as Alice in Wonderland. So cute! Then we have Darrin on the right as a ninja. Look at those muscles!
Of course we had to go around and see what everyone else was dressing up as, so here is a picture of our FHE family in their lovely apparel! 
That night we went to the Haunted Forest. What a perfect activity for Halloween! I have to admit... i'm a lil' baby when it comes to being scared, but it was still SO fun! The workers kept saying "come here kitty cat!" Talk about FREAKY! Don't worry though, we were protected by a lady bug and a teenage mutant ninja turtle.  Doesn't get any better than that. 

On Saturday night a group of us got together at Draper Park to hang out with .... STEVIE!! Stevie is now home from his mission! It was good to be with some of the high school clan and have a good time and lots of laughter! Later that night we played the flour game. Can you tell who lost?? 
Man, we are awesome. 


Four makes more... said...

I love that a guy was a lady bug! I have to meet him! Plus you have to be the cutest little kitty I have ever seen. man I love that you have a blog now. Did I tell you that yet?

Seth and Sierra said...

Audrey! What a cute blog! You make a very cute kitty ;)

Christy said...

You're the cutest cat I've ever seen! Dang girl, how do the men even resist you? =)

colie-o said...

Oh man that was so fun!! Audge I have missed hanging out so much, I am glad we have seen a lot more of each other lately, cause I just love you!

We are going to Ross SOON. :)