Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Stress Dance: A Cure for Anyone and Anything

This past week has been a very stressful week... and I normally don't get stressed very easily. I had a research paper that I just kept putting off. I finally decided to do it one night and stayed at the library for 8 HOURS!! I thought I was going to be done in about 2 hours, but it took way longer than expected and even after 8 hours I was only half way done. That night I went home and was just happy to be home. Cute Tiffany came around the corner with her hair on top of her head and said, "Just put your hair on top of your head! It makes all the stress go out of your head." I was willing to try anything, so we both had our hair on top of our head for a while, letting the stress flow out. I can tell you, that it worked! Then after a while, Tiff came up with this stress dance that I recommend to anyone. If you are stressed for any reason, just try this dance. You'll feel much better! 

Temple Square with the roommates!

On Saturday November 8, the roommates and I got to go downtown and see the premier of the Gordon B. Hinckley movie. ALL 6 of us were there!! I love bundling up, going down town, and enjoying temple square! The movie was incredible and everyone should see it!! It was very touching and a great way to learn about President Gordon B. Hinckley and all the wonderful things he did in his life. 
We love getting jumping pictures : )
We were lucky enough to have my dad come with us too! 
And... Stevie! What a lucky guy! 

Sunday, November 2, 2008


I just love Halloween!! I wasn't going to dress up, but how can you not dress up on Halloween? My good friend Rachel gave me the idea of being a cat! I'm not a fan of cats, but it sounded like a great idea! So here we are as kitty cats!  
Here is Angie as Alice in Wonderland. So cute! Then we have Darrin on the right as a ninja. Look at those muscles!
Of course we had to go around and see what everyone else was dressing up as, so here is a picture of our FHE family in their lovely apparel! 
That night we went to the Haunted Forest. What a perfect activity for Halloween! I have to admit... i'm a lil' baby when it comes to being scared, but it was still SO fun! The workers kept saying "come here kitty cat!" Talk about FREAKY! Don't worry though, we were protected by a lady bug and a teenage mutant ninja turtle.  Doesn't get any better than that. 

On Saturday night a group of us got together at Draper Park to hang out with .... STEVIE!! Stevie is now home from his mission! It was good to be with some of the high school clan and have a good time and lots of laughter! Later that night we played the flour game. Can you tell who lost?? 
Man, we are awesome. 

Mom's 50th Birthday

On Thursday October 23 we went out to eat for my mom's birthday. It was lots of fun! The whole object of going out to eat was to make her think that was her birthday get together... little did she know IT WASN'T! We had a whole days worth of things for her to do on Saturday.
My dad woke her up by giving her a clue which was breakfast. The whole day was a bunch of clues and activities for her to do. At one point in the day my dad took her to the place that he asked her to marry him. Isn't that cute?! Here they are all cute 28 years later. (i think)

Later that day she came home to find Jenni, David, Emily, and I posed to perform a medley from Annie Aloud. (a singing/dancing group all the kids were in when we were younger) Her reaction to this part of the day was priceless. We danced and sang our little hearts out. 
Next was a photo shoot with the nieces and nephew. Of course we had to sneak in and take a picture with the girls! 
After the photo shoot was dinner and back home for the SURPRISE party! And believe it or not, it did end up being a surprise. We watched a movie of her growing up and then ate food with friends and family. I love my mom so much! She has had such a huge impact on my life and so many others. I am grateful for her and the example she is for me. Maybe one day i'll get to be the amazing mother and gammie she is! Thanks mom! I love you!