Sunday, March 29, 2009

Catching Up...

Here are a few of the pictures from December till now... obviously I haven't blogged for a while : ) The order didn't out so well... 
MERRY CHRISTMAS!! Since Emily and I weren't in this year's Christmas card we decided to take our own! 

The Collier family Bethlehem dinner. Always a good time!! 
My cute niece Lily and I. I just love her!
Sitting with my awesome stand partner DeDee at the Christmas concert with Bryan Stokes Mitchell. He was incredible!
My sister Emily and I. She came to see the concert!!
Dinner with the prophet with the family. Emily was my date! She was a very good one indeed!

Alex and Stevie came to surprise me with the surprise bag. I was lucky enough to get a mystery bag full of random items. I have already used the sewing kit!
Roommate Christmas is the best! This year we did pajamas. The night started out normal... and then ended up getting pretty crazy. I LOVE my roommates!!

Past and current roommates! 
Playing in the snow is the best!! 

After going to dinner with some of my best friends from elementary school. It had been forever! They are so incredible!

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