Sunday, March 29, 2009

I'm legal now!

I'm finally legal... whatever that means. My birthday was so great! I have the best family and friends. My day started off with going to my first grade class and they all wrote me cute birthday cards. They sang me happy birthday and I was positive the whole school could hear them. After school Stevie came over and surprised me with a cake!! It even had a palm tree on it! 
Later we went to Luau that Mandy performed. When I got there she had a bunch of her friends sing happy birthday to me. 
She did such a great job!

Alex surprised me with candy and a card. He knows what makes me happy! (he is very proud of the drawing on the front of his card)

After the Luau we went to ice cream at the Malt Shop and then we came back to the apartment and ate cake! It was a day packed with fun!! Thanks everyone! 
The day before my birthday I got to go to the JAZZ GAME! Talk about a dream come true : ) And they won... what a great birthday present! 


Kathryn said...

Your trampoline shot is GREAT! (Is that photshopped? JK). I don't think there is another soul in the world who has as much fun in life as you do! TO LIFE!!!

Hilarie Ann said...

You are seriously darling! I'm so glad I came across your blog... I didn't know you were already student teaching! Good luck with that and everything else fun and amazing you are doing :)