Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Night With the Stars

It's tradition to hike the Y at least once a year, so we decided that since the year was almost over, we had better go! We got a big group of friends and started up the mountain at about 9:30. We picked a perfect clear night and the view was beautiful! Only one more year to hike the Y... crazy!
Taking a breather about half way up. 
Don't mess with us!
I think I am always going to look like I'm 10 : ) 
No smile.... looks like they were having lots of fun! 
Stevie had way too much fun with his flashlight. Pretty sure he saved a couple lives.
Love them!
Roommates!! We are going on our fourth year of rooming together next year!! I can't wait! 


Emily said...

Hey Aud, I miss my college days, so LIVE IT UP!! Don't you love great roomies? I'm still in touch with mine and we reunionize every so often. GOOD TIMES!!

We miss you on this concert!

Kathryn said...

Love these people -- ALL of them! Hey, thanks for cleaning the kitchen last night -- without being asked! That is a mother's dream!!!

Warner's said...

Oh this makes me miss it all. I want to hike the Y wen I come next okay. looks like fun!