Sunday, March 29, 2009

Tumbling Gym = Heaven

Its a plane, its a bird... nope, its not. Just Audrey!
The tumbling gym may be one of my very favorite places on earth. Trampolines, foam pit, sumo suits, and all kinds of places to do tricks on not get hurt. 
Tiff and I put on the suits and fought to the death. Its a great way to get your frustrations out... too bad we didn't have any : ) Needless to say... I WON!

I'm legal now!

I'm finally legal... whatever that means. My birthday was so great! I have the best family and friends. My day started off with going to my first grade class and they all wrote me cute birthday cards. They sang me happy birthday and I was positive the whole school could hear them. After school Stevie came over and surprised me with a cake!! It even had a palm tree on it! 
Later we went to Luau that Mandy performed. When I got there she had a bunch of her friends sing happy birthday to me. 
She did such a great job!

Alex surprised me with candy and a card. He knows what makes me happy! (he is very proud of the drawing on the front of his card)

After the Luau we went to ice cream at the Malt Shop and then we came back to the apartment and ate cake! It was a day packed with fun!! Thanks everyone! 
The day before my birthday I got to go to the JAZZ GAME! Talk about a dream come true : ) And they won... what a great birthday present! 


The month of March has been so so fun!! Instead of going to classes, I got to go and teach in a first grade classroom everyday. I have loved every bit of it. It has been a huge learning experience. My classroom is adorable and I love talking to each of them every day. Kids are so  honest and so cute. They know how to make me feel great! 

The Past Few Weeks... More Catching up

After a birthday dinner for Katie and I. The WHOLE family was together! 
Tiff is part of our family too : )
Time for our Collier family Sunday walk. Once the baby of the family, always the baby of the family. 
I'm stuck!
Singing with Emily at her Senior recital. She is graduating!! It was a scary, but very fun experience. I always love singing with her! She did so incredibly! 
Laughing... again
Mom decided to open the 2 liter sprite bottle... and this is what happened. EXPLOSION!  

St. George

I needed a break from Provo and St. George was calling my name, so a couple friends and I escaped and took a road trip to Amie's house. The weekend was incredible!! We went to the sand dunes, In-n-Out, shopping, and relaxed. It was exactly what I needed!! We all were really reluctant to go back to Provo after such a great weekend.

Catching Up...

Here are a few of the pictures from December till now... obviously I haven't blogged for a while : ) The order didn't out so well... 
MERRY CHRISTMAS!! Since Emily and I weren't in this year's Christmas card we decided to take our own! 

The Collier family Bethlehem dinner. Always a good time!! 
My cute niece Lily and I. I just love her!
Sitting with my awesome stand partner DeDee at the Christmas concert with Bryan Stokes Mitchell. He was incredible!
My sister Emily and I. She came to see the concert!!
Dinner with the prophet with the family. Emily was my date! She was a very good one indeed!

Alex and Stevie came to surprise me with the surprise bag. I was lucky enough to get a mystery bag full of random items. I have already used the sewing kit!
Roommate Christmas is the best! This year we did pajamas. The night started out normal... and then ended up getting pretty crazy. I LOVE my roommates!!

Past and current roommates! 
Playing in the snow is the best!! 

After going to dinner with some of my best friends from elementary school. It had been forever! They are so incredible!

The Banana Game

After watching the Jazz game one night Parker said he had an awesome game he wanted us to play. It was called the banana game. The point of the game: Who can eat a banana the fastest. Can't be that hard right? Little did we know that Parker had played this game on his mission and he was now professional. Take a look at this video and you will understand what I'm talking about... I think he might be a monkey.