Sunday, May 24, 2009

California Here We Come!

Some of my friends and I decided to take a road trip to California and stay there for a few days. Josh's parents lived there so it worked out perfect! Alex, Josh and I climbed into his truck and started our journey to California. I was going to try and help drive, but neither of the guys could fit in the middle seat. Alex ended up getting a ticket on the way there. He told me it was about time that he got one. What a great attitude! Josh wanted to see if he could make it to Las Vegas on one tank of gas. This is how we rolled into Vegas. We had two more friends meet us in California so there were 5 of us total!
On Sunday we went to look at the temple and walk around. It is beautiful! 

Palmtrees are the best ever!
Alex pondering life... "What are we going to eat for dinner?"
The guys
Jac and I! I am so glad she came on this trip. We got along so well and instantly became really good friends! She is adorable. 
On Monday we went to Six Flags. It was so much fun! Alex lost his phone on the first ride we went on. He wasn't having the best luck on our trip. First the ticket, now this? The next day we went to China Town and the Fashion District. So much shopping!
This is my foot after I got stung by a bee... No idea that was going to happen! This is a picture taken on Tuesday night and I got stung out Sunday.
On Tuesday night after shopping all day, we went to the Dodger Game. 

We bought matching hats!
Dance Party!
Squished between two crazy boys for 10 hours each way. Gotta love road trips!
This is how we all felt by the end of the trip home... not really. It went surprisingly fast and we had a great time jamming to David Archuleta and almost everything else we could find on our ipods.

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Cody Amy and Ella said...

um i LOVE the fashion district!! I am glad you got to check it out. road trips are the best. live it up!